A Deeper Look: Prejudices and Inequalities

Interested in technology’s relationship with prejudice and widening the gap between races? Well look no further! This post will give you more information continuing from my last post!

baby-and-computerFeeling a little scholarly? Check this article out, it’s about how race relations changed after the introduction of the Internet

Interested in the Internet’s relationship with other social matters other than race, then take a look at this conference on race, gender, feminism, and the internet (it’s a little long, so make sure you have enough time to watch it):


Sometimes internet activism tries to narrow the bridges between race, and break prejudices, however there is some debate on it’s effectiveness.

Take a look at these sites, and tell me what you think.

If internet activism doesn’t help mend the gaps and prejudices that are created online, then what are some solutions you think will work?

Let me know your responses in the comments below!

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