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The Art of Trolling

See what I did there?

So, you want to learn more about trolling? Then let’s get started!

Feeling scholarly?


Then take a look at this article examining the psychological effects of Internet trolling.


Trolling is a art

Wait… Don’t you mean *an art? Nope, it’s supposed to be that way, read about why it’s like that here.

Video time!

Introducing Troll Science…. If someone explained some complex physics problem online would you know if it was correct or not?

So guys, know your meme, and know when you’re being trolled.

That’s it for this post, let me know what you guys thought about it, and anything else I forgot to include.

Griefing Continued

Have a deeper look into what is griefing, and the effects it has on people.


Having a problem with griefing? Then check out this guide to dealing with griefing.



Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.10.00 PM

The topic of regulation often comes up when talking about griefing. CS GO Overwatch is a self regulated community that allows qualified and experienced members of the community (‘investigators‘) to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate. Do you think this type of system is effective? What are the complications of this (such as time, and financing it)?


Griefing Online:

Here, youtuber JustDavid discusses many aspects and instances of griefing. What are your thoughts about griefing? Should servers regulate griefers, or will it impede on the user’s freedom of speech?


Feeling studious:



What happens when computers and society butt heads?

Hi, and welcome my blog!

This blog will cover topics from my COMP 380 course at UNC Chapel Hill. Don’t worry, it won’t be too boring because I will keep things lively by adding relevant and interesting material. Most topics I will cover have to do with the computers relating to society. This will be subjects such as cyberbullying, hacking, and inequality on the web. Your comments are welcomed, so please, share your ideas, suggestions, and opinions! I will have new posts weekly, so stay tuned!